Thursday, 26 March 2015

What's in my makeup bag?

I've seen a few bloggers do this, so i thought: Why not?

Just take a picture of the makeup in your makeup bag, line it up nicely and snap a picture of it. This is what i wear on pretty much daily basis. How small is my eyeliner by the way, haha? I'm sure I stole that from my mum years ago. Also stole a brown one of her which i normally use for my eyebrows but it fell down behind the washing machine sooo.. I guess I'll get it back whenever we move house? :( Haha.

Ps. Tack mamma!

Makeup bag: Ralph Lauren
Compact Powder: Chanel
Eye Shadow: H&M
Mascaras: Lumene, Max Factor
Lip pen: Max Factor (This is awesome!)
Lipstick: Chanel
Eyeliner: Isadora


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