Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I am on a roll today!

Oh Hi!

I am getting so much done today, haha. I'm surprised myself to be honest. So far today I have:
- Wrote down all my maths i need to take with on Saturday. (and read it a few times)
- Booked my eye test for my drivers license. (which is later today!)
- Booked a dentist appointment.
- Found my passport (WOHO!)
- Emailed a few different companies who for some reason are sending me my stuff?
- Made sure I know how to move all our bills to our new address.
- Been for a walk with my boyfriend.
- Had breakfast.
- Blogged
And it's only 09:26 in the morning!

Now, time for me to put a wash on, eat an apple and watch an episode of Glee before I get going again. 

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