Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Big news!

I have decided to apply for Uni for September instead of next spring. Very exciting!
For me, as we can't move to Göteborg yet, this will mean a very long journey to and from school, but I did a little over an hour to school for 3 years when I was younger and I don't really mind. But I'm very ecited! I can apply on Mondag afternoon when it opens.

I am applying for something called Socionomprogrammet. It's a 3,5 year programme and at the end of it I can work as a counselor or oter jobs like that. Which I think would suit me perfectly. However, when i go to Uni if I do my test again I can apply for my 5 year Psychology programme if my test score is good enough. Anyway.. I'M GOING TO UNI! 
(yes, I am very confident I'll get in!)

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