Friday, 27 March 2015

New in: Yves Rocher

Finally got my things from Yves Rocher, it normally doesn't take more than a coupld of days to get the stuff but it took a little over two weeks this time? I was seriously worried for a little while, haha. Not too big of an order this time, just a few things I'm starting to run out of.

They didn't have my normal shampoo so decided to give this one a go, I'll let you know what it's like after I've tried it. The shower gel however smell so good a actually want to eat it. It smells so much like sorbet it's crazy.

The consealer is new in my little collection, it wasn't easy picking the right colour online. Haha, how do you people do it? I think I got it right though, I'm pretty yellow (haha) so I just picked the most yellow looking colour they had?

The other two little bits I actually gof for free, it's a little perfume which smells very.. flowery.. I might give it to someone, it's quite.. old lady smelling (if that's a thing?). And the night cream I'll keep for myselk for when I run out.

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