Saturday, 14 March 2015

Michael Kors bags.

There is something which is really bothering me at the moment, and I've just seen another blogger bringning this up as well (so I'm not alone in this..). It's the Michael Kors bags. I'm so sick of looking at these bags. They are everywhere. I understand that he is pretty much the only one who has a "budget" version of his stuff at the moment and more people can buy them.. but still..

I really wanted one about a year ago, but I am so happy i didn't get one. It's not fun anymore. You buy a deigner bag because it's something not everyone can walk around with? right? But now they can. Every 14year old in Sweden has one of these bags right now. Eu.

I've been thinking I might actually get myself a real designer bag instead. I mean a proper one, like the old time classic black Chanel bag. I've also seen (as you know) a really nice Ralph Lauren bag. But I mean now when this whole Michael Kors thing is going on I'd rather get myself a Chanel or a Prada so I can actually feel like I have something not everyone else can walk around with..

The kids need to go back to shopping in H&M and leave the designer stuf for the adults! 

What's you opinion about the Mk's ?
They're a bit like Ed Sheerans voice at the moment. Haha. Quite nice, but everywhere!

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