Wednesday, 4 March 2015

I need to give my thumb some love.

The doctors earlier went fine, nothing wrong with me! Woho! A fewdays ago I found a big hole in my coat, it's a black coat and the inside stuff is whit so it's very obvious thre's a hole in it. I'm ok at sewing so decided to just put it back together. So i did, and when i was on the last little bit the needle got stuck and it hurt to press with my thumb so did it with my nail.. and guess what.. it slid straight into under my nail! I have never felt pain like it. I atually thought I was going to cry. Did you know that's how they torture people? Aaah the pain. :(

Anyway, time for a shower and get ready for the evening. Biggest loser is on! WOHO

Btw, this is my face at the moment as my thumb feels like it's about to fall out.

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