Thursday, 26 March 2015

Good evening!

Just had a go at Periscope on Twitter, have you tried it?

It's pretty much like a live stream of yourself, or anything you point your phone camera to. It's pretty fun but I can't use it on my phone as it's only on Iphones for now. :( But Carl's phone had to do. But anyway..

I was on there for about 7 minutes total and I think I had 14 people looking at me while i was talking to my boyfriend and watching tv at the same time.. BUT, it only took 2 minutes before some slimeball asked "Boobs?".. What is wrong with people? Not that it matters, but I am wearing a hoody as well, it's not like they were about to fall out or anything.. Some people disgust me.

You won't see a girl going on there like "Dick?".. Sometimes people.. sometimes.. I just wonder what's going on in peoples heads.. Arrrggh.. MEN. ;(

Other than this, Periscope is pretty cool, if you have an Iphone you should try it out! :) Or Meerkat, they're pretty much the same thing..

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