Thursday, 12 March 2015

Today's plans!

Good morning people.

Today I have a full day packed. As Carl's mum and brother is coming over in two days and I'm in work tomorrow and Saturday I need to make sure everything is ready for them today. I still have a little bit of cleaning to do, but it won't take that long. Then I need to set everything up, make sure their rooms are ready and things like that.

Oh and I get my bike back today! Yipii! It' such nice weather in Sweden at the moment I can't wait to have it back. My brother borrowed it when he lived outside of town so he could get to work quicker but he's moved now. And I need my bike tomorrow and Saturday to get to work and back. :) There is nothing better than going for a long bikeride in the spring weather.

What are your plans? :)

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