Friday, 31 May 2013

Animal Finger Paint

I watch Jenna Marbles videos every week, and this one is great. It's not like her normal videos so if you haven't watch any before, go to YouTube RIGHT NOW. haha. Anyway, when i buy me a dog i an so doing this! Was actually thinking if i could do this with my rabbit, but i don't think it's a good idea. too much fur. Cant wait to do this!!


Oh yes, it's Friday! I'm in work at the moment looking out, it's so nice and sunny outside.. Cant wait till it's half 5. Al though the sun will probably be gone by then. :( Anyway what have you been up to today? I went swimming this morning, and now I'm in the office - thanks for asking!

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Glam shots

3 posts a day challenge !

My boyfriend told me he is posting one blog post a day every day in June, so i thought "well i blog most days anyway, so i'll make it 3 posts a day" We'll see how it goes, haha. Starting Saturday! What do you think about that? Might be something to get me going with this blog again. :) Although this is a blog record for me as I've had this blog for a year soon. What would you like me to blog about? Let me know! PUSS

Happy Thursday.

Was about to write Tuesday, doesn't it feel like Tuesday today? Hmm..

I'm in the office at the moment, eating some lunch and checking whats going on in the world (reading about how Kim Kardashian has gained 27kg so far because she's pregnant and how a girl on my Facebook is having a though life cleaning her house...) This is what girls find interesting. eh.

Anyway, I'm thinking about my weekend plans, i don't have any rally that's the problem. My boyfriend is going to do something with his friends on Sunday so i have half of the day to myself! Might go to the gym and then get a tan? I need to prepare for Lanzarote! ;) Do you guys get fake tans? I've never had a spray tan, it's just not my thing, i like sun beds though, i always fall asleep..

I used to go get a tan twice a week, a total of 80 minutes. was pretty brown back then. but i haven't been for like 2 years or something now but i just want a little pre-tan before Spain..

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Ready for bed !

Or béd like i would have said it is if i said it out loud. Ended up eating sweets anyway because im as weak as a baby with flu and a broken arm and who is very hungry. Whatever. I LOVE SWEETS leave me alone. Getting ready to go to bed now, been a long and very much annoying day today. I'll blog some more tomorrow (obv) hejdå. PUSSSS

The 15 minute method.

Just had my dinner, minced wraps, well one wrap, and with mostly vegetables, butt still. And now all i can think of is the sweets we brought from Sweden. They are calling my name! I want some so bad, but i decided to try this thing.. you feel like you want to eat something, then drink some water and then wait 15 minutes. And if you still feel like snacking after 15 minutes - grab something to snack on. This is minute 3 and to be honest it's going a little. But they are sooo yummmyy!!!

I wish i could just eat whatever i wanted and still not gain any weight, but i guess you can do that when you exercise more than what i do. Maybe i should think about that.. Like 20minutes on the bike is worth 5 sweets. haha

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

10 things I'm good at.

So a few days ago i wrote a post with 10 things I'm really bad at, so i though, let's do one with things I'm really good at as well. Always good for your confidence, right?

- I am an awesome cook!
- I am pretty good with hair and make-up!
- My dialect changes every 2 minutes, which makes people laugh, which is good. Haha.
- I am good at writing (not too sure about in English, but in Swedish anyway)
- I am the best at surprises and birthdays.
- I am a really good girlfriend (hahah, well i think so anyway!)
- I collect random things (which means i have a lot of cool things)
- I always look out for the people i care about.
- I can draw.
- I am a great wingman!

And here is a very random picture of me and our friend Mike at a party at someones house in like January or something. :)

Im home !

We decided to go to Sweden over the weekend to surprise my mum on mothers day. So i came back last night at 3 in the morning, and am now in the office and i am starting to get very tired. haha. Anyway so went to Sweden Wednesday night, stayed at my mums for a bit and then went to my dads to check out their new house and things. Amazing house! I wish i had a house like that. haha I'ts massive. And Carl had never been in a sauna before so we had to try it. It was so much fun.

But then we came home and found the broadband cable had been chewed on, so we don't have any internet at home for a couple of days now.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

10 things I'm bad at

I think people write blogs to sort of show off their lives online so i though I'll go against all that and give you a list of things I'm really bad at! Here we go.

- I cant handle when things change.

- I absolutely hate talking about money.

- I never drink my whole drink (doesn't matter what it is..)

- I trust people until they give me a reason not to, instead of building up the trust.

- I cant stand shopping with friends, Shopping is me time!

- I am the worst person to be around when I'm hungry. (Like in the Snickers ads on TV..)

- I over think things. (like most girls i guess)

- I cant understand English/Scottish people over the phone.

- I always get annoyed with my parents for absolutely no reason.

- I ignore my problems and hope they will go away (Never works).

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

English germs

I have a cold.. or something.. I'm ill anyway, and im in work anyway because im boss. Haha, cant wait to just go home and go to bed. My head feels so weird and i cant think straight. It's been a busy day as well so i have a lot to think about, especially since I'm not in Thursday and Friday this week.. I need everything to be sorted by tomorrow.

This is why i should buy a laptop. So i can work from home when I'm ill. Blä!

You see no one else is ill, well kids are, and me. It seems like all the adults are used to these germs.. so all our friends kids get ill, and me. Great. Never should have moved over here. Haha. Ah well, when i get home tonight i'll go straight to bed, get the duvet and take it with me to the living room and watch TV all evening. And probably feel quite sorry for myself as well. hahah!

I wish my dad was here, he used to always bring me things when i was ill as a kid, like some sweets or something, nothing big, or a magazine. I think i need my dad to move over to England, as i get ill A LOT here, and i now feel like i'm missing out on a lot of goodness. Haha.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Ok so the last couple of days i have somehow ended up on this one guys blog. I'm not sure what his name is (his last name is Princip anyway), i haven't really read much on his blog but it does really get to me. I mean the blog isn't bad, or good.. It's just him as a person (through his blog) he seem to be such an air head really. With his £3000 a month and his luxury life style. Like he doesn't do anything with his life. With all that money, and all the time in the world.. the things i would do..

I cant tell you where he gets his money from, if he actually does something to get this money of if it's daddy's money, but i hope for him, that it's his money, because if not - he is quite sad. I don't mean to slag him off, I'll get to the point i promise..

In my opinion, you earn more if you make the money yourself. I mean you learn, you get experience and you probably do something you really enjoy and love. But on the other hand, if you do something you love, does it really matter how much you make every month? Not really.

The way i see it is: you spend 8 hours a day in work, that's a third of your day. a bit over half or your time awake. If you do something you hate, you are miserable most of the time, and i don't think money can make you happy then? It would help make the time off more fun.. But personally i would rather work in a place i like and get less money. What would you do?

Doesn't it feel a bit like the people born into a wealthy lifestyle miss ambition and passion for things, because they already have it all, and what they don't have they can just get without working for it. Not saying this is the same for everyone, but for example Paris Hilton, what has she ever done that is awesome? not much.

And then you look at the guy who started Ikea, who was selling furniture in his basement at first, and look at him now. Brilliant. That is something to be proud of isn't it? Well done.

Comparing these two might not be fair but you see my point don't you?

Ah well time to get back to work,

Lunch time !

Doesn't it feel like it's Thursday today? It might be because i'm off on Friday, but it's quite frustrating every time you realize its Wednesday. Eating my lunch at the moment so though i might post a blog as well with my 5 minutes of free time. Haha.

Went swimming this morning as well, was packed in the pool for about 10 minutes and then it was only 4 of us left. haha, it was like everyone was getting pissed off it was so packed, so the all left. Love when that happens, because me and Carl always swim for an hour, no matter how busy it is in there. :)

anyway, how is your day going?

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Breakfast smoothie

We didn't go swimming this morning so had some extra time to spend on breakfast. So i decided to go for my smoothie and an egg sandwich. Was amazing, but i am super full now. haha There is no way i'll be hungry at lunch time. 

Vanilla / Red berries smoothie: 
2dl Vanilla yogurt, 
5 Strawberries,
10 Raspberries 

Enough for two!

Monday, 13 May 2013


Just came home from asda am just about to start cooking. Fish fingers and broccoli for dinner today. Healthy and yummy. Also bought lots of fruit and berries for my morning smoothie. Cant wait!

Hard work work

Still in the office, been a really good day today! One of those half quiet days - you still get a few phone calls to keep you busy and then it goes quiet and you can get a lot of other things done. My favorite kind of day. Just feels like you get loads done.

Anyway, today i am sooo happy i have an office job, because i went to the gym yesterday, and literally worked my ass off. I'm feeling it today. haha Can't even sit down without my muscles hurting. haha, i will get a round ass! I CAN DO IT! hahah - ignore me, i'm an idiot. Ah well, i'll blog more later. LÖVE!

(this is what killed my legs and ass. mamma mia)

Monday, back to work!

Just got to the office after an hour of swimming, i'm surprised we're keeping this up to be honest. We have been swimming at least 3 times a week since February. That's pretty good isn't it? And we also go to the gym every Saturday or Sunday. It's nice going to work after swimming because you feel all like fresh and awake. haha. Much better than coming to work half asleep. :) Ah well, time to get some work done.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Gårdagens shopping

Har ju inte visat er vad jag köpte igår ännu, köpte två nagellack också men jag glömde ta kort på dom, ett turkost och ett rosa. :) Vad har ni haft för er i helgen? Jag har inte gjort mycket alls faktiskt, skulle till gymmet och simma och så imorse, men det var någon grej i poolen, en tävling eller nått så fick nöja mig med gymmet. :) Men vi ska simma imorgon iallafall så det gör ju inte så mycket. haha.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Shopping day!

Getting ready to go shopping. :) found this smexy picture of myself on the phone what a beauty. Hahaha. I'll blog more in a bit. :)

Friday, 10 May 2013

Friday Night !

This week has been the slowest one in a looong time, i think it's because i have so much to look forward to at the moment so time is going slower. haha. Anyway, it's Friday and most people are going out i guess? Well since my boyfriend haven't been asleep for like 36 hours i don't think we're going out. I am pretty sure he will go home, eat and fall asleep on the couch. That's what happens when you don't make the last train home.

So this is my plan for the evening, making some nice Friday food and then watching some Pretty little liars and eat some sorbet (if i'm not too full after dinner. haha) What are you people doing tonight?

My 11 years long weight journey.

To many people 8 kg might sound like a lot, but to me it fells like i'm getting really close to my goal. I have been on different diets constantly since i was about 9-10 years old. It started when my friend Jessica and I read a Swedish magazine called FRIDA which is for teenagers really. And we decided to "move a bit more".

Sad isn't it?

Anyway, after that when i was about 14 i was 172 cm tall and 72 kg heavy. I don't know if that's a lot or not, probably pretty normal, but people kept giving me mean comments and saying things they should have just kept to themselves so i made the clever decision (sarcasm) to stop eating.

So i did, worked out just fine i though until my friend Sandra (thank you) took me to the doctors. she carried me in there, this is a girl who is like 157.5 cm tall (short) and the just picked me up basically and carried me in there. Like a boss.

Ended up going there a couple of times a week to talk about my problems..

Then we moved to Göteborg and i felt a bit lonely so it started all over again, until i grew up a little and i think it was like this on and off until i moved in with my dad when i was 16-17. And then it took a slight turn as we kept eating pizza all the time, which isn't an easy job for a person who haven't been eating normally for a couple of years, so i started eating A LOT of food and trying to get it out again - if you know what i mean..

I remember one night, it was the night of Eurovision a couple of years ago, and we ordered pizza, Stefani my pizza was called where we lived then, amazing, with kebab meat and a salad on it basically. it was the best. So i ate that whole pizza, which i a crazy amount of food for one person. and this is only the beginning, then i had about 1 kg of wine gums AND a massive bowl of popcorn, you know from one of those popcorn machines.. its like 5 liter in a bowl or something. And all this is like 3 hours. This is easily like 3 days worth of calories in 3 hours. It's disgusting.

Then i watched some of the show, went to the bathroom and was sick everywhere. that's the ugly truth.

Then i started ordering chicken salads instead. haha.

Actually i remember the day it turned around for me.

It was at my friends house, and we had just had some sweets and watched a football game and i went to the bathroom, stood on the scale in there and it said 93 kg. I wanted to die, not even joking. All i could think was "how?" but when you eat pizza, crisps or sweets every day it doesn't take long..

So when i got home i said to my dad "i want a gym card, will you sign the contract for me as i'm not 18, and i will give you the money every month" and so he did. i started going to the gym all the time, started going to spinning classes and really enjoyed it. And then it was time to move again.

Not just what my weight was at the time, but a year ago it was 82 kg. And since then i have list more than 10 kg. Which isn't that much over a year maybe. But with my past i know i have to be careful when it comes to diets because it's not hard to take it too far as i used to do all the time.

So i have lost over 10 kg in one year. I'm pretty proud of that, for one simple reason, i have done it in a slow and healthy way. And yes i do still eat pizza, and yes i do still snack sometimes. I'm only human. haha!

This is how i did it:

I cut down on carbs, i do still eat it sometimes but not even close to as much as i used to.
This is not something i am planning to keep up all the time as i dont think it's that good for you, and also.. i love bread, pasta and rice. haha.
And i have one day a week when i can eat whatever i want!

The trick is, when you eat less carbs, you get full quicker, i don't even know if that makes any sense, but it's true. So then on the eat whatever i want day, i don't eat much anyway. Because i just get full quicker. Simple.

Random day in my life:
Swimming 45 minutes.

1 fried egg,
2 thick slices of bacon.

1 Chicken breast,
A LOT of vegetables.

Afternoon snack:
1 apple

4 Fish fingers,
Fill the rest of the plate with broccoli.

Eating like this is healthy (at least for a bit..) and it keeps me full at all times.

And another good one, listen to your body! are you full, stop eating! don't eat only because it's tasty. Eat when you're hungry.

And of course, exercise. I know that sounds shit boring, but it's like you have to get used to it. Ones you've started you start to really enjoy it, and besides, it makes you feel really good afterwards. I swim 3-4 times/week + Gym every Saturday or Sunday. Works for me. Because i cant run, i cant run 200 meters, and i am not even joking. But i can swim for hours so you need to find something that you like and that you're good at! :)

Well this blog post turned out to be very long, sorry about that.

Instagram. #janarebeccacaroline

I haven't been blogging that much lately and i feel a bit bad. In the office at the moment, just got in so am waiting for it to be 9 so i can get on Live Chat and do my thing. haha. That sounds so wrong. Anyway, here are some pictures from my Insagram. :)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

the curious case of the stalking kidneybean

If there is something that really bothers you, you will see it everywhere. I have a great example..

A while back when i first met my boyfriend his ex girlfriend seemed to talk to him quite a bit, and i didn't mention this for 2 simple reasons..
1, you don't say "why are you talking to your ex" if you've only been together for a couple of months..
2, it didn't bother me that much at first.

But it seems like some people are having trouble knowing where to draw the line. I mean from being a friend, to being a very creepy ex-girlfriend. There is a thin line, which was crossed many times. Lets give you a few examples to let you know what level we are on with this lady.

- We moved into a flat together - she sent us the fist card.
- She added me on Facebook and sent me her number before we had even met.
- She invited me and my boyfriend to come and stay with her a week in summer.
- She sent my boyfriend texts at 5 in the morning saying "Taking the train wasn't a good idea"
- Everything that involved my boyfriend online she liked of commented on.

Now this might not seem too bad? You might think "ah she is just trying to be nice?!" Fair enough, that might very well be the case. And if so i'm sorry about posting this about you as i don't know you.

As a girl, i know that if you're having trouble with your boyfriend, and if you are looking for someone to "hug" and "a shoulder to cry on" you text your ex. This works every time. bulletproof. As long as the ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend (which will mean he has moved on from your sorry ass and this would be a waste of everyone's time). And of course, this happened.

The girl, lets call her Shelly.. had some boyfriend problems and told my boyfriend all about it. which is a bit strange. isn't it? As you're just friends. Again, as a girl.. you turn to your girls don't you? i mean your best friends.. For example if i had problems with my boyfriend, first of all i'd talk to him, and if needed someone else i'd probably speak to Zara, Sandra or my mum about it.

I though when you got a new boyfriend you wouldn't want to show your ex how bad it's going.. unless there is something you want out of it?

So anyway it came to a point of people asking me "Hos is this not bothering you?" "How can you not tell her to fuck off?" "Why aren't you doing anything?" "Don't you find this weird?"

Yes of course i did. It's well weird.

And there was an "event" which made me think "I've had enough of you.." and then she sent a text to my boyfriend about something really random and shitty. I think this was it..
- Does McKie really hate uni that much?
So i did what every girlfriend would want to do, i kindly asked my boyfriend if i could reply to the text. and as he didn't give a smokin' poo he gave me the phone..
So i sent her "Why don't you ask him yourself instead of texting my boyfriend random shit"
Which obviously wasn't very appreciated.

This ended with me asking her to leave us alone and stop talking to us. Which she did after trying to make out i am some sort of crazy jealous girlfriend. Whatever. ha.

And this was in October i think..

So it's May now, and guess who is starting to pop up everywhere. Oh yes, its Shelly.

But since me and my boyfriend deleted her off Facebook, shes starting to show up on other peoples profiles, for example commenting/liking my boyfriends brothers pictures and statuses. Or my friends ones. Or my boyfriends mums ones.. And sure this is just on Facebook.. but this is the only way i can see her (thank God).

So yes, it does bother me, and yes i do see it everywhere. I'm not looking for it, it's just bothering me so i will think about it when i see it. More than i would if it was just a random person.

So i just wanted to share this story with you my amazing blog readers.

And also Shelly, stop trying to weasel yourself back into our lives please, we're doing just fine without you.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Vet inte

Vet ingenting just nu känns det som, vill mest ingenting och känner mig aldrig riktigt typ.. skit glad, eller alltså jag är väl glad men ah, jag vet inte. Känner mig helt konstig, klockan är 8 och jag funderar på att gå och lägga mig och sova typ. Kanske borde och hoppas att morgondagen blir bättre.. Tveksamt. Men man kan väl hoppas. Hoppas ni mår bra iallafall. Är nöjda med livet osv. puss

Grilla !

Ikväll blir det grill debut hemma hos oss, vet inte riktigt vad vi ska grilla ännu men det löser vi efter jobbet när vi ska till Ica (asda). Eftersom att jag inte äter kolhydrater i nylägen så blir det kyckling och sallad för min del, ska kanske röra ihop en god dip till det också. :) Tror att det kommer bli skit bra. Första gången vi grillar i våran grill också! Den har ju stått i köket i 9 månader... Pappa köpte den när dom kom över - den började det regna! Lite så var det. Men ikväll ska det grillas. Mysigt.

Lägger upp lite bilder senare, sitter på jobbet och pratar med en hel del folk just nu. oj oj oj vilken multitasker jag är. Hörs om en stund. :) PUSS!

Monday !

Sitter på jobbet och har precis ätit lite lunch. det är ju röd dag idag så alla är lediga (utom jag..) men det gör mig ingenting! Det betyder bara att jag får en massa saker gjort, och så får jag ju en dag extra semester också. Låter bra tycker jag.

Vad ska ni göra idag? Är det röd dag i Sverige också idag? Har inte sån bra koll längre, känns som att hela våren är full ned röda dager, speciellt i april-maj. Kommer ihåg i skolan när man var ledig typ varannan dag i slutet på vårterminen. haha. :)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Going on an adventure.

Just had my breakfast, bacon butty like a fat biatch. And am now getting ready to take on the world.. ok what we're really doing is driving somewhere for coffee to chill in the sun. But i cant wait! the weather is sooo nice and everyone will be watching the derby game so we will probably be the only ones outside in this part of England. haha. Anyway, we might be going to Chester, which would be cool, i've never been. :)

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Mark Jacobs for Diet coke

Just found this!! Carl bought me it and made me the happiest girl alive :)))

Busy busy

Har precis kommit hem från att ha kollat på klänningar och älsklingen klippte håret och lite sånt, och sitter just nu och äter lite lunch och tar det lugnt. Har släppt ut Jackson i uteburen ochså så han får hoppa runt lite innan det börjar regna. :) Är så glad att jag köpte den, känns så tråkigt att han ska vara inne hela tiden liksom..

Bild från tidigare idag när vi tog en snabbfika.

Good morning :)

Jag har precis vaknat och ska strax kliva ur sängen för att åka och köpa en klänning till carls brors bröllop som är om två veckor. :) vad ska ni ha för er idag?

Let's be friends!