Thursday, 30 October 2014

Happy Thursday ?

Good evening everybody.
I'm in bed drinkin a cup of tea while Carl is playing Fifa. In a little while we're going to watch a few episodes of Prison Break and fall asleep. :) This is me right now..

Also, if anyone have andy ideas of what i could put on the wall behind me, let me know!?

Thursday, 23 October 2014


Today i read another post about how a girl i know is going on a diet and living on powder for two weeks. So many things about this pisses me off, first of all, i have tried that, yes it does work but you feel like a bag of absolute shit while you're eating this, and it doesn't taste good at all. You feel weak and your breath smells of ammonia. You also feel dizzy constantly and you get tired and really grumpy. Do you lose weight though? yes.

But as soon as you start eating normally the kilos will jump straight back on. I don't understand how people can think living of powder a week and then go back to eating shit all the time will help them. it won't. To lose weight properly and keep it off you need to change your food and exerciser habits.

That's something i wrote a while back. I can't actually remember writing it but i still agree. BUT do you know what i got in the post today. Diet powder. I know. Haha. What the hell. Anyway, I'm doing it to get a kickstart, i have been very busy lately and i haven't had time to go the pool and stuff so I'm feeling (not looking) chubby. And being a former anagirl it's not a great feeling. I feel like I'm about to have some sort of meltdown. So i bought myself some diet powder. 2 weeks of hell for about a 4kg weightloss.

Last time i lost 6kg's in a week when i did this. As i wrote a while back you don't feel too good while you do this, but hey. it's only two weeks! We'll see how much i lose this time, might not be as much as I'm 30kgs lighter now. haha.

Ah well, ergh, can't beleive I've sunk to this level. Mhm, hopefully i'll go from Fat to flat. :)

My 2014 - January

2014 is slowly but surely coming to an end. I'ts been a good year for me. Some ups and downs as always but over all a good year. Got a new job which i love., met some new people.. Anyway i thought i'd post a little something about every month through the year so far.. :) 


Started the new year in Göteborg on the 23rd floor in a bar with a random family from Norway, really nice people. Also, the dad knew the royal family. mhm. not bad! haha. Here I am am about 21.00 on new years. :) (before i did my hair.. which to be honest I can't remember if i did or if i just kept it like that. haha I'm a mess!)

Spent some time with this little gremlin as well. It's my sisters but we kidnap him every so often.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Hi.. *saying hi like Ross in Friends when he's sad*

Ibland vill man skriva en massa, men det går inte för det är en blogg på internet, mhm. men ja. orkar inte. känner mig nere. hej så länge. puss.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

What to do..

Oh hey,

So at the moment i am sitting by my laptop and looking in the mirror, because that's what i do.
No, not really but i am looking in the mirror because i have just straightened my hair, and it's sooo long.. I don't know what to do with it? I need to do something? I don't want to like.. cut it off.. but maybe change the colour? This is au naturale! I haven't dyed my hair for like 3 years and now it's all my own colour, and im thinkin about changing it.. standard!

Any ideas people? Let me know!
Also, why it my head so round? haha

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

ELF Högskoleprov

Oh hey people!
Do you like my new header and design? :)

I have just been going through some english for my test next week. It's so hard. I mean my english is pretty good but when it comes to reading texts you have no interests in and then answer questions about the text. Here is an example  for you..

Scientific Progress

The majority of scientists bask in the surviving afterglow of the Enlightenment, with its optimistic attitude about the all-conquering power of human reason supplemented by the methods of empirical inquiry. In particular, the hubris of many 20th-century theoretical physicists seems to know no bounds. “A theory of everything” is just round the corner, needing only one more bundle of money to finance the ultimate particle accelerator or super-powerful telescope, to put the last pieces of the puzzle in place.

What is the writer’s attitude to the promises of scientific progress?
  • Factual
  • Ironic
  • Uncritical

I know the right answer, do you?

BooTea Review

Oh yeah, about 3 weeks ago i ordered this tea. Bootea. It`s meant to make you into a super model over night. Pretty much. And to make a long story short.

Everyone says the morning tea tastes like lemon? I thought it tasted like warm water?
It didn't really taste of anything att all, it was nice to drink but not worth £20 haha.

The evening tastes like mint. It's nicer than the morning tea, and i don't normally like mint tea.
This is meant to have a laxitive effect? Not too sure about that..

I followed the diet and did my normal exercise, and I lost a total of 200grams.
Although, the tea tasted nice, it made you feel full and gave you energy, I also didn't want to snack as much..
And I easily get really bloated and i didn't get it at all during these 2 weeks. yay!

But pretty much, this is a tea that tastes nice, some people lose a bit of weight, some don't.
Let's be realistic, you will not lose 8kg's in 2 weeks..

I will probably get this again becasue it makes you feel fresh and it tastes good.

Just go out for a walk and have an apple instead of a bag of sweets and the weight will drop off you.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Evening Watson.

Today has been a busy and pretty awful day to be honest. I'm so stressed at the moment it's absolutely redic. Trying to pull myself together and get shit done but it's impossible. You know when you have so much to do you end up doing nothing? Yeah, that's me!

I can't wait til' next week is over. I have a massive test for uni next Saturday, which i have been trying to study for for about a month now, and it's gone pretty well, but i need it to go really well. This is my future we're talking about here. No messing around people!

Ah, So I've took a test today, like THE test, but the one from 2012. Very. Much. Depressing.
I got a 0.7/2.0 I need a 1.7 to get into the uni I want to go to and to do the shit i want. Yes i had to pick one of the top things. That's me. I just have to be a little bit better than everyone else. hahah.
No the thing is, when i get something in my head i go for it, and i get it done.

Let's go through some examples (to make myself feel better..)
- When i was 16 i started telling people "One day I'll move to Liverpool"
   - When i was 20 i moved. To Liverpool (ish).
- When i was 16 i also said I'm going to sort out my grades and take school seriously.
  - When i graduated i passed all courses. with. good. grades.
- Last summer I said i wanted to start my own business.
  -  enough said.
- 2 months ago i said i wanted to be Dr Alvarsson of Psychology..
- .. Only 7 years to go.. And i actually need to get into uni as well..

Ah this blogpost is getting too long, there is nothing worse than long blogposts, you read blogs to look at pectures? well i do anyway. so to all you bloggers out there, small texts, big pictures! You're welcome.

Ses imorgon. Puss.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

I want to write a book.

Hi, anyone out there who's a good writer?
I've been thinking about writing a book for a long time, but I'm having problems with the start, and as one of the books is about me, I'm having problems with how personal it should be.. What should i leave out? What should I absolutely not leave out? Any help would be great. :)

Let's be friends!