Wednesday, 25 March 2015


For a while now I've been looking for a nice dreamcatcher. And then one day about 2 weeks ago I saw an "ad" on facebook. There is this girl in town here who makes them! How perfect. I won't only get a new pretty dreamcatcher, it will be specially made for me, by a young girl who's trying to make a little business out of what she likes - which is really cool. Always a fan of someone who's giving something a go like that.

Not sure if she ships world wide, but they are so cute, and she's really talented. I told her what I liked colourwise and she made this one for me. Perfection!

She's on Instagram: fridusdromfangare
And on Facebook: Frida Dahlbo


  1. Hej Hej
    Jag tänkte bara komma in och tipsa att jag har en Beauty Box tävling på min blogg ( Utser 3 vinnare,)

    kika gärna in och se om det är något för dig :)

    Önskar dig en fortsatt bra kväll

  2. Vilken vacker drömfångare :)


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