Monday, 30 March 2015

Speaking of weird collections..

Did you know I collect dvd's (and other things) with Edward Furlong?

My close friends know this and think it's a little strange, but ever since I watched American History X for the first time I've been buying little things here and there with Edward Furlong. Did you know he's made Cd's? haha. Got 'em! It's not easy finding a few of these films, cd's and other things. I even had to buy a new dvd player so I could watch dvd's from Canada and Japan at home..

I have packed a few of the films already and the Cd's are probably in box downstairs but here is a little sneakpeak of my weird collection.

- Here's a fun yet a little bit pathetic side note:
When I just turned 18, Ed Furlong was meant to come to a SciFi convent in Stockholm, I saved up all my money and decided to go. I was so so nervous. My mum drove all the way across the country (isn't she nice?) and dropped me off at the convention. I was going on my own, so I queued up and when I finally got to the tills there was a sign "Edward Furlong couldn't make it, he's filming...." I got so annoyed and upset I left the building, I didn't even go in to see all the other cool things and people. My mum had to pick me up again, then I sent a very angry email to the people arranging the convention and as a sorry they sent me a signed picrutre from Terminator 2 which Mr Furlong had signed. And I was a happy girl again! (sort of...)

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