Friday, 13 March 2015

5 Things.

5 things I say a lot:
- Big Day
- You're boring me
- I need a day
- Mhm
- Yeah I know (or as they say in Liverpool Anoyeah)

5 things I think a lot:
- How many calories ar in this?
- This has E-numbers in it?
- This math is killing me!
- You can do this!
- What do we need from the shop?

5 things I dream a lot:
- I dream about friends a lot.
- I dream about things I want (dogs, bags..)
- I dream that people let me down.
- I dream about things I want to do in real life but don't dare to.
- I dream the same things very often..

5 things I love to do:
- Cook & Bake
- Read
- Eat
- Swim
- Write

5 things I want to happen before the end of the year:
- Get into Uni would be swell.
- Drivers license.
- Find & buy my Ralph Lauren bag.
- Run my 5 km.
- Reach my goal weight.

5 favourite smells:
- My boyfriend
- Coconut
- Vanilla
- Pizza
- Winter (there is a very special smell early winter mornings in Sweden)

5 things I laugh at:
- When people throw things
(my boyfriend threw garic bread in the oven and missed one time, nearly weed myself)
- DamnyouAutocorrects, they can have me in tears.
- When people do stupid shit and film it.
- People when they tell me something can't be done.
- Friends.

5 things that makes me me:
- I always get what I want and I don't mind working really hard to get it.
- I can't talk about money without getting annoyed (even if I have more than enough of it)
- I have been told I'm borderline Asberger & OCD.
- I absolutely hate pants, but love Socks!
- I don't mind being one of the boys.

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