Thursday, 18 October 2012

Is youtube really down?

Is this actually happening? What noe, is the world actually going to end? Are we all going to die? Is this it? IS THIS IT?!?!?! no, calm the fuck down.

Men ja, coultnd believe my eyes to be honest, haha its a first! youtube was down. And i think they're still having some problems? because i can go on the website but the videos wont play, tried a few. hmm. but im sure it will work again soon. But there are some cool changes though. :) looks cool.

And why am i writing this in english when the rest of my blog is in Swedish? hmm, because i had a little look at my stats today and found out that more than half od the people visiting my blog every day are from America, and like 15% from Sweden. And they all know english anyway. so this might be my new thing.. hm?

But, my english isnt all that good, so you know. no need to be mean. hahah. make love not war. hahaha what? ah well. going to bed soon, getting super tired, you know that kind of tired when you just wanna laugh at everything.. yeah thats me right now. mhm.

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