Thursday, 12 February 2015

20 Questions, :)

1. If you could live in a Tv show, which one would you choose? 
Suits, because they're successful and who wouldn't want to working alongside Harvey Specter?
2. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? 
I wanted to work at Ahlgrens bilar (a sweet factory) because i saw it on a tv-show named Skurt and a woman said you could eat as many as you wanted. :O 
3. What's your favourite smell? 
Vanilla and coconut. 
4. If you were a rock, where would you want to be then?
Not sure, random question.. probably like.. on a mountain with all my friends?
5. You find out that th end of the world is in 12 hours, what do you do?
Probably panic and cry, and then get really drunk with my boyfriend and pass out. 
6. What do you think would be different in your life if you were a guy?
Not much, i guess I would have a girlfriend (probably who looked a lot like a guy)? Other than that, nothing? 
7. What's your favourite tool?
8. What are you doing in 10 years?
Working, as it's thursday at 12:54. As something i absolutely love, with a big family and a lot of pets! 
9. What's your favourite song?
Anything with Britney Spears
10. Of you were great at sewing, what your you sew?
I'm not too bad at sewing actually, but if i was even better i'd probably sew my own clothes. :) 
11. What would be your reaction if you won 108 560 000 euro?
"Pack your shit Carl, we're going to Thailand!" 
12. What do you think about the word "hen"? (It's a swedish word for he/she & him/her) 
At first i thought it wasn't really needed but it's not too bad.
13. What's your favourtide recipe?
Skaldjursgratäng, a prawn dish my nan taught me. <3
14. What's your opinion on meat consumption?
I don't really care, I try to but Swedish meat with i go the shop that's about all my efforts. 
15. Do you have any addictions?
No, but I havea really hard time not eating sweets. 
16. What nosic makes you feel most nostalgic?
Aqua, Drömhus, Ateens, Spice Girls, Bubbles.. 
17. What really pisses you off?
When people don't do what they said they we're going to do. 
18. What's your favourite flower?
19. What's your favourite advert?
20. Do you look similar now to what you looked like as a child?
Yes, but my head is not as round. haha. 

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