Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hot chocolate on a stick.

Hello there, so what have I been upto this afternoon? Let me tell you.. I have been making hot chocolate sticks. When i lived in Belgium I loved these chocolate squares you put in hot milk and they melted ad it made a really good hot chocolate. Well.. We don't sell them in Sweden (at least not in the shops i go to..) so i decided to make them!

All you need to make 10 of these aswesome chocolate sticks is:

- A lot of dark chocolate 70% or more.
(I used 100g of dark baking chocolate and 100g of 72% normal chocolate) 
- A little bit of cream
(About a table spoon..)
- Some sort of sticks.
(I used some bbq sqewers and then cut them into 3.)
- Last but most certanly not least, an ice.. thing.
(Or something else to have the chocolate in/on.)

Soo this is what you do.. 
Melt the chocolate, I did in the microwave because I'm lazy. It takes about 3minutes.
Make sure to check the chocolate a couple of times, we don't want it to burn! 
When the chocolate is all melted, pour in the cream and stir till you can't see the cream.
Use a spoon to put the melted chocolate and cream mic into the ice thing..
Don't worry if it takes a bit of time, the sticks will stand up more easily if th chocolate isn't 100% runny. 
Put the sticks in.
(I made little cuts in the wooded sticks so the chocolate doesn't just fall off when I put it in the hot milk)
Then put them in the fridge, and eat/drink whenever you want!

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