Thursday, 19 February 2015

Eveline 8in1 - My nail secret!

I used to have i big problem with my nails, well first of all I uesd to bite them, 2nd of all i do a lot of swimmin so my nails get soft and break very easily. But that was last year! I have finally found something that works for me. Woho! Here is some good tips on how to get long and thick nails, and keep them that way!

1, To stop biting my nails I started doing my nails every 3 days. You know just when the nail polish starts to fall off, do them again!
- That way you've always just done your nails, and we all know that takes a long time so we don't want to f*ck it up by biting them. 

2, Cutilar cream.
Makes all the difference, keeps your hands looking young and fresh. *sighing dreamy.. aaaaahhh*

3, The best thing in the whole world, Eveline 8in1!
I found out about this in work, my frined gave me one of her ones for me to try (as you can't buy them in Sweden?). You do your nails with this ones a day. It dries really quick and it's an almost clear colour. You do this for a week, then remove it all and start over.
You nails will look really good after only like 2 weeks, they will be thicker and look like you've had them done by someone. After a few days the nails go a little bit whiter because of the colour, and it looks sooo good! I am in love! 

This is what my nails look like now, I have used Eveline 8in1 pretty much every day since August.
Btw, you can obviously have a coloured nail poslish on top if the Eveline if you get sick of the natural look.

I ordered my Evelines online, they ar about £8 and one bottle lasts about 6 months.

No, Eveline did unfortunately not pay me to write this, but they might as well have!
I'm like a living ad poster for their brand! 

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