Monday, 23 February 2015

I've had the craziest night.

I went to bed ad about 9 as I was so tired after skiing all afternoon yesterday. Then I woke up at about 1 at night and smelled something really burned, so i checked everywhere to make sure nothing was on... We ate pizza for dinner, so I was pretty sure it wasn't us anyway.. Then i rang Securitas just to see if they could do something (this is the first time this has happened and i didn't realy know what to do.) But the guy on the phone told me to just ring 112 straight away and if i see smoke wake everyone up.

There was no smoke that I could see, and the guy I was speaking to as SOS told me to feel everyones door handle to check if one was really warm, but nothing.. After just like 3 minutes the fire men came and checked everything out. They couldn't find anything but the smell kept me awake and worried till halv 4. Then I had nightmares till half 5 and then finally fell asleep properly and I just woke up!

So now I'm getting ready for a very VERY stressful day (will most likely decide to not do anything instead..)

And on a light note, here are some pictures of our skiing. :)


I am so happy I decided to not to have my hair out when skiing, look at it! Thank god I've been out in the snow and know how to deal with things like this! haha.

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