Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Things to blog about

As a blogger you constantly need to think about things to blog about, and if something happens you think of a good way to write about it in your blog. But sometimes you just run out of things to write about, maybe you're having a bad day and aren't in the mood, or you're just out of ideas.. We've all been there.

So here is a little list of things to blog about when you run out of ideas: 

- What's in your bag? 
Easypeasy, just empty your bag on the table, take a picture and tell us all about it! This makes a great vlog!

- What's in / What's out. 
Tell us what you think is in our/and out at the moment. 

- What inspires you? 
Could be a person, a book, a film.. anything! 

- This happened today.
Tell us about your day. 

- Let your readers ask you questions and then answer them. 

There's a few ideas, an other one is you could always copy this post and just post it in your blog. Haha. I hope this helped some poor uninspired soul out there. Let me know if what you think. :) 

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