Thursday, 29 January 2015

Oh hello,


So as you know by now I'm very busy at the moment with my studying. Today has been all maths and it's not been great. haha. I have set up little goals for every week, and this week if i got 13/24 on my maths I'd get a box of grapes and a magazine. Might sound easy and yesterday i gor 12/24, but this morning went really bad and I gor numbers like 9 and 10.. Went to bed, had a meltdown, got a peptalk and got back to my dest and got a 15! :D YEY!

I actually got 9/24 on my actual test last time i did it on one part of the maths so 15 is great! Next week it's a gifferent kind of maths and hopefully that will go just as well. :)

Other than that I haven't been up to much, I mean, i study all week and work the weekends.

Also, doesn't it feel like Friday today? Hmm..

Anyway, here's a few pictures of my beautiful face from yesterday.
What was my hair upto?

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