Friday, 20 February 2015

Yves Rocher - My Addiction.

The other day I told you I like the bran Yves Rocher, so i thought I'd show you what products I have and use pretty much on daily basis. I also have a few absolute favourites which I'll also tell you about a bit further down.

This is the complete collection (I think..)

These are day & night creams. Pretty much like an anti wrincle cream, to keep your face young and fresh. If they work? No idea, we'll see in 20 years I guess. But they make your face feel fresh and hydrated, and the creams smell really nice. 

I always have at least one of these with me where ever i go. They're obviously all hand creams. The yellow one just smell like a lotion, you know what typical lotion smell? haha. I haven't actually opened the raspberry one yet, but the Blackberry one smells so good my boyfriend had to taste it. Haha. And it makes your hans super soft! 

This lipstick will last all day, the colours are really good and they last even if you have a few drinks and a meal or two durring the day. They're great. I have one of their cheaper lipsticks as well, but I'd rather spend the few extra £££ because there is a big difference. 

Day & Night cream: 329kr each (about £32)
Hand creams: 35kr (about £3.50) The pink and purple ones were christmas specials i think!
Lipstick: 139kr (£ about 14) There are about 20 different colours to choose from! 

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