Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My blog - my rules

You would think because it's my blog i can post whatever i want? Well i sort of can, but i also get about 52 comments from people around me telling me what i should and shouldn't post, how i should write it instead and what I'm doing wrong.

Here is the thing, this is my blog. My posts are never interesting or about an important subject, my blog doesn't have thousands of readers so i cant change the world, i don't have hundreds of little girls looking up to me so i don't have to be a role model. This blog is mine.

This blog is where i am going to write down my thoughts and post them online for absolutely no reason for everyone to read. This is my blog. Never thought i would actually have to write a post like this. Sad world we live in where you cant even decide what to post in your own diary.

My blog is full of mixed messages, posts with no point in, posts which aren't well written, spelling mistakes and shit grammar. I'm not English, i don't have to have perfect English. This blog is where i write down my thoughts - which is why the posts might be messy and have mixed messages. Because when you think and write, things become clearer and you start thinking in a different way. Would think some of you should know that by now.

My thoughts, my writing, my blog.


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