Monday, 17 June 2013


Hello, got our internet last night and it's pretty shit so havent really been able to blog. but here it is, a blog post from Lanzarote. It's amazing here, whenre we are it's mostly couples and families which is really nice because i dont like drunk people. haha.

Today we have chilled by the pool all day and then just took a little nap. I look like a lobster.. hahah. not even joking, i thought my back was a bit red from yesterday so i didnt want to burn it, so i decided to only tan the front today.. So now my face, belly and legs are sooooo red!! Not even cool. haha. Hopefully it will turn brown soon though! :)

Tonight we're eating paella, we were meant to last night but i started feeling really bad after being out in the sun all day, didnt drink enough i think.. But I'm feeling much better today! Anyway, so fat this has been an awesome holiday! :) 10/10

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