Friday, 7 June 2013


So finally friday is here, i'm eating my lunch and looking out the window wishing i was in the park with a few Rekordeligs chilling all day instead of answering the phone in the office. haha. To be honest it's alright in here  i just prefer being outside when it's sunny. Like most people i guess..

My plans for the evening is:

Work till half five.
Going to Asda.
Chill in the garden with a drink.

And then get back to my normal life after an hour or so out in the sun. If the sun is still out then will say. It's meant to be really nice tomorrow and on Sunday as well. :)

Here is an old picture of me Carl. :) about a year old, he looks the same now haha, i hope i look a little skinnier now, as I've lost about 10kg since then.

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