Sunday, 2 June 2013

2 weeks of bossing life!

So there is less than two weeks till I go to Lanzarote now, and as you all know I am pretty damn excited! I have never been to Lanzarote or Spain. The only place i have been to on a summer holiday is Thailand. And this will also be the first holiday with a boyfriend (road trips doesn't count).

And as i am going to Bikini Land i don't want to be the only whale on the beach, if you know what i mean. So i have been on a diet for quite some time. And i should have been at the gym and pools right now but my boyfriend isn't home to drive me, and it's quite a walk with two bags..

So i decided to work out at home instead, i mean we have everything i need. :) A bike, a belly trainer and YouTube's training videos. Haha. Go me! Bikini body 2013.

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  1. nice swimsuit! :*


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