Wednesday, 8 May 2013

the curious case of the stalking kidneybean

If there is something that really bothers you, you will see it everywhere. I have a great example..

A while back when i first met my boyfriend his ex girlfriend seemed to talk to him quite a bit, and i didn't mention this for 2 simple reasons..
1, you don't say "why are you talking to your ex" if you've only been together for a couple of months..
2, it didn't bother me that much at first.

But it seems like some people are having trouble knowing where to draw the line. I mean from being a friend, to being a very creepy ex-girlfriend. There is a thin line, which was crossed many times. Lets give you a few examples to let you know what level we are on with this lady.

- We moved into a flat together - she sent us the fist card.
- She added me on Facebook and sent me her number before we had even met.
- She invited me and my boyfriend to come and stay with her a week in summer.
- She sent my boyfriend texts at 5 in the morning saying "Taking the train wasn't a good idea"
- Everything that involved my boyfriend online she liked of commented on.

Now this might not seem too bad? You might think "ah she is just trying to be nice?!" Fair enough, that might very well be the case. And if so i'm sorry about posting this about you as i don't know you.

As a girl, i know that if you're having trouble with your boyfriend, and if you are looking for someone to "hug" and "a shoulder to cry on" you text your ex. This works every time. bulletproof. As long as the ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend (which will mean he has moved on from your sorry ass and this would be a waste of everyone's time). And of course, this happened.

The girl, lets call her Shelly.. had some boyfriend problems and told my boyfriend all about it. which is a bit strange. isn't it? As you're just friends. Again, as a girl.. you turn to your girls don't you? i mean your best friends.. For example if i had problems with my boyfriend, first of all i'd talk to him, and if needed someone else i'd probably speak to Zara, Sandra or my mum about it.

I though when you got a new boyfriend you wouldn't want to show your ex how bad it's going.. unless there is something you want out of it?

So anyway it came to a point of people asking me "Hos is this not bothering you?" "How can you not tell her to fuck off?" "Why aren't you doing anything?" "Don't you find this weird?"

Yes of course i did. It's well weird.

And there was an "event" which made me think "I've had enough of you.." and then she sent a text to my boyfriend about something really random and shitty. I think this was it..
- Does McKie really hate uni that much?
So i did what every girlfriend would want to do, i kindly asked my boyfriend if i could reply to the text. and as he didn't give a smokin' poo he gave me the phone..
So i sent her "Why don't you ask him yourself instead of texting my boyfriend random shit"
Which obviously wasn't very appreciated.

This ended with me asking her to leave us alone and stop talking to us. Which she did after trying to make out i am some sort of crazy jealous girlfriend. Whatever. ha.

And this was in October i think..

So it's May now, and guess who is starting to pop up everywhere. Oh yes, its Shelly.

But since me and my boyfriend deleted her off Facebook, shes starting to show up on other peoples profiles, for example commenting/liking my boyfriends brothers pictures and statuses. Or my friends ones. Or my boyfriends mums ones.. And sure this is just on Facebook.. but this is the only way i can see her (thank God).

So yes, it does bother me, and yes i do see it everywhere. I'm not looking for it, it's just bothering me so i will think about it when i see it. More than i would if it was just a random person.

So i just wanted to share this story with you my amazing blog readers.

And also Shelly, stop trying to weasel yourself back into our lives please, we're doing just fine without you.

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