Tuesday, 28 May 2013

10 things I'm good at.

So a few days ago i wrote a post with 10 things I'm really bad at, so i though, let's do one with things I'm really good at as well. Always good for your confidence, right?

- I am an awesome cook!
- I am pretty good with hair and make-up!
- My dialect changes every 2 minutes, which makes people laugh, which is good. Haha.
- I am good at writing (not too sure about in English, but in Swedish anyway)
- I am the best at surprises and birthdays.
- I am a really good girlfriend (hahah, well i think so anyway!)
- I collect random things (which means i have a lot of cool things)
- I always look out for the people i care about.
- I can draw.
- I am a great wingman!

And here is a very random picture of me and our friend Mike at a party at someones house in like January or something. :)

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