Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Ok so the last couple of days i have somehow ended up on this one guys blog. I'm not sure what his name is (his last name is Princip anyway), i haven't really read much on his blog but it does really get to me. I mean the blog isn't bad, or good.. It's just him as a person (through his blog) he seem to be such an air head really. With his £3000 a month and his luxury life style. Like he doesn't do anything with his life. With all that money, and all the time in the world.. the things i would do..

I cant tell you where he gets his money from, if he actually does something to get this money of if it's daddy's money, but i hope for him, that it's his money, because if not - he is quite sad. I don't mean to slag him off, I'll get to the point i promise..

In my opinion, you earn more if you make the money yourself. I mean you learn, you get experience and you probably do something you really enjoy and love. But on the other hand, if you do something you love, does it really matter how much you make every month? Not really.

The way i see it is: you spend 8 hours a day in work, that's a third of your day. a bit over half or your time awake. If you do something you hate, you are miserable most of the time, and i don't think money can make you happy then? It would help make the time off more fun.. But personally i would rather work in a place i like and get less money. What would you do?

Doesn't it feel a bit like the people born into a wealthy lifestyle miss ambition and passion for things, because they already have it all, and what they don't have they can just get without working for it. Not saying this is the same for everyone, but for example Paris Hilton, what has she ever done that is awesome? not much.

And then you look at the guy who started Ikea, who was selling furniture in his basement at first, and look at him now. Brilliant. That is something to be proud of isn't it? Well done.

Comparing these two might not be fair but you see my point don't you?

Ah well time to get back to work,

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