Friday, 10 May 2013

My 11 years long weight journey.

To many people 8 kg might sound like a lot, but to me it fells like i'm getting really close to my goal. I have been on different diets constantly since i was about 9-10 years old. It started when my friend Jessica and I read a Swedish magazine called FRIDA which is for teenagers really. And we decided to "move a bit more".

Sad isn't it?

Anyway, after that when i was about 14 i was 172 cm tall and 72 kg heavy. I don't know if that's a lot or not, probably pretty normal, but people kept giving me mean comments and saying things they should have just kept to themselves so i made the clever decision (sarcasm) to stop eating.

So i did, worked out just fine i though until my friend Sandra (thank you) took me to the doctors. she carried me in there, this is a girl who is like 157.5 cm tall (short) and the just picked me up basically and carried me in there. Like a boss.

Ended up going there a couple of times a week to talk about my problems..

Then we moved to Göteborg and i felt a bit lonely so it started all over again, until i grew up a little and i think it was like this on and off until i moved in with my dad when i was 16-17. And then it took a slight turn as we kept eating pizza all the time, which isn't an easy job for a person who haven't been eating normally for a couple of years, so i started eating A LOT of food and trying to get it out again - if you know what i mean..

I remember one night, it was the night of Eurovision a couple of years ago, and we ordered pizza, Stefani my pizza was called where we lived then, amazing, with kebab meat and a salad on it basically. it was the best. So i ate that whole pizza, which i a crazy amount of food for one person. and this is only the beginning, then i had about 1 kg of wine gums AND a massive bowl of popcorn, you know from one of those popcorn machines.. its like 5 liter in a bowl or something. And all this is like 3 hours. This is easily like 3 days worth of calories in 3 hours. It's disgusting.

Then i watched some of the show, went to the bathroom and was sick everywhere. that's the ugly truth.

Then i started ordering chicken salads instead. haha.

Actually i remember the day it turned around for me.

It was at my friends house, and we had just had some sweets and watched a football game and i went to the bathroom, stood on the scale in there and it said 93 kg. I wanted to die, not even joking. All i could think was "how?" but when you eat pizza, crisps or sweets every day it doesn't take long..

So when i got home i said to my dad "i want a gym card, will you sign the contract for me as i'm not 18, and i will give you the money every month" and so he did. i started going to the gym all the time, started going to spinning classes and really enjoyed it. And then it was time to move again.

Not just what my weight was at the time, but a year ago it was 82 kg. And since then i have list more than 10 kg. Which isn't that much over a year maybe. But with my past i know i have to be careful when it comes to diets because it's not hard to take it too far as i used to do all the time.

So i have lost over 10 kg in one year. I'm pretty proud of that, for one simple reason, i have done it in a slow and healthy way. And yes i do still eat pizza, and yes i do still snack sometimes. I'm only human. haha!

This is how i did it:

I cut down on carbs, i do still eat it sometimes but not even close to as much as i used to.
This is not something i am planning to keep up all the time as i dont think it's that good for you, and also.. i love bread, pasta and rice. haha.
And i have one day a week when i can eat whatever i want!

The trick is, when you eat less carbs, you get full quicker, i don't even know if that makes any sense, but it's true. So then on the eat whatever i want day, i don't eat much anyway. Because i just get full quicker. Simple.

Random day in my life:
Swimming 45 minutes.

1 fried egg,
2 thick slices of bacon.

1 Chicken breast,
A LOT of vegetables.

Afternoon snack:
1 apple

4 Fish fingers,
Fill the rest of the plate with broccoli.

Eating like this is healthy (at least for a bit..) and it keeps me full at all times.

And another good one, listen to your body! are you full, stop eating! don't eat only because it's tasty. Eat when you're hungry.

And of course, exercise. I know that sounds shit boring, but it's like you have to get used to it. Ones you've started you start to really enjoy it, and besides, it makes you feel really good afterwards. I swim 3-4 times/week + Gym every Saturday or Sunday. Works for me. Because i cant run, i cant run 200 meters, and i am not even joking. But i can swim for hours so you need to find something that you like and that you're good at! :)

Well this blog post turned out to be very long, sorry about that.

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  1. Some sound tips here! keep up the great blogging.

    P.S. I wish I could swim! It's my next goal!


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