Wednesday, 22 May 2013

10 things I'm bad at

I think people write blogs to sort of show off their lives online so i though I'll go against all that and give you a list of things I'm really bad at! Here we go.

- I cant handle when things change.

- I absolutely hate talking about money.

- I never drink my whole drink (doesn't matter what it is..)

- I trust people until they give me a reason not to, instead of building up the trust.

- I cant stand shopping with friends, Shopping is me time!

- I am the worst person to be around when I'm hungry. (Like in the Snickers ads on TV..)

- I over think things. (like most girls i guess)

- I cant understand English/Scottish people over the phone.

- I always get annoyed with my parents for absolutely no reason.

- I ignore my problems and hope they will go away (Never works).

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  1. I can definately confirm that you never drink a full drink.


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