Thursday, 30 May 2013

Happy Thursday.

Was about to write Tuesday, doesn't it feel like Tuesday today? Hmm..

I'm in the office at the moment, eating some lunch and checking whats going on in the world (reading about how Kim Kardashian has gained 27kg so far because she's pregnant and how a girl on my Facebook is having a though life cleaning her house...) This is what girls find interesting. eh.

Anyway, I'm thinking about my weekend plans, i don't have any rally that's the problem. My boyfriend is going to do something with his friends on Sunday so i have half of the day to myself! Might go to the gym and then get a tan? I need to prepare for Lanzarote! ;) Do you guys get fake tans? I've never had a spray tan, it's just not my thing, i like sun beds though, i always fall asleep..

I used to go get a tan twice a week, a total of 80 minutes. was pretty brown back then. but i haven't been for like 2 years or something now but i just want a little pre-tan before Spain..

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