Tuesday, 21 May 2013

English germs

I have a cold.. or something.. I'm ill anyway, and im in work anyway because im boss. Haha, cant wait to just go home and go to bed. My head feels so weird and i cant think straight. It's been a busy day as well so i have a lot to think about, especially since I'm not in Thursday and Friday this week.. I need everything to be sorted by tomorrow.

This is why i should buy a laptop. So i can work from home when I'm ill. Blä!

You see no one else is ill, well kids are, and me. It seems like all the adults are used to these germs.. so all our friends kids get ill, and me. Great. Never should have moved over here. Haha. Ah well, when i get home tonight i'll go straight to bed, get the duvet and take it with me to the living room and watch TV all evening. And probably feel quite sorry for myself as well. hahah!

I wish my dad was here, he used to always bring me things when i was ill as a kid, like some sweets or something, nothing big, or a magazine. I think i need my dad to move over to England, as i get ill A LOT here, and i now feel like i'm missing out on a lot of goodness. Haha.

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