Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The 15 minute method.

Just had my dinner, minced wraps, well one wrap, and with mostly vegetables, butt still. And now all i can think of is the sweets we brought from Sweden. They are calling my name! I want some so bad, but i decided to try this thing.. you feel like you want to eat something, then drink some water and then wait 15 minutes. And if you still feel like snacking after 15 minutes - grab something to snack on. This is minute 3 and to be honest it's going a little. But they are sooo yummmyy!!!

I wish i could just eat whatever i wanted and still not gain any weight, but i guess you can do that when you exercise more than what i do. Maybe i should think about that.. Like 20minutes on the bike is worth 5 sweets. haha


  1. Men ibland måste man få äta godis i alla fall! :D

    1. Hahaha sant! känner mig som en vekling nu som gav upp bara.


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