Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Blog in english maybe?

This blogpost will be in english just because im in the office right now, so i cant post a blog in swedish, well i could but there would be no way you could google translate it without the swedish A A and O, so yeah, ehmn anyway.. 

Im thinking maybe i should just blog in english all the time? it would make things a lot easier for you i guess? and all my swedish friends knows english anyway, but we'll see.. might be too lazy for that. haha, 

Ehm yeah, thats it i guess? Leaving work in a few minutes to go to Asda and then home and be an awesome girlfriend anf cook for my boyfriends mum and her boyfriend. Wiwiwiw. 

Ahja, vi hor senare, puss med er. 

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  1. hay rebecca ... im visit your blog :)
    pls visit back my blog


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