Tuesday, 28 August 2012

What if you won the lottery?

What would you do?
If I won £100,000,000 today - this is what I would spend it on..

1, Go Shopping. Haha, take a taxi to Liverpool and buy so much clothes i would need 2 taxis to get it all home. Hahah

2, Buy 2 nice houses. one in England quite close to where we live now i think, but like a proper nice and big house. And one in Sweden outside Göteborg somewhere. :) Close to my friends and family. Wiho.

3, Travel, I'd buy 2 different trips.. one for my family and friends to Thailand. Just have an awesome time with the people you love and care about for 2-3 weeks. And the other one for me and Carl to travel around the world for like 6 months. See everything thats on the "30 things you must see before you die" lists.

4, Follow my dreams and do what i want to do, start a few businesses, things i've always dreamt of doing,

5, Save half of the money i make and open up a "home" for kids/young adults with eating disorders and other "problems" like that. I want it to be free to "live" there and i would pay for everything myself.  

What would you do if YOU won the lottery?


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  2. I always say I would find fun ways for me to donate my money. I know for me I am a huge Boston sports fan so I think I would donate a lot of money to the local athletes foundations. Tom Brady runs a bunch of events so why not donate a ton of money to his causes and then get to attend one of the events? Or Shawn Thornton from the Bruins does this event called "Cuts for a Cause" where you bid on a specific Bruins player and if you win you get to cut their hair however you want. I think it would be important for me to find ways to improve the lives of others. Of course I would have a little fun though! I would end up buying myself a huge house in Barnegat Light, NJ- preferably right on the bay side of the island so I can park my jet skis right next to my personal dock! I'd also love to build an in-home recording studio! So many great ideas. I guess the only decision is lump sum or annual payments! I'd be nervous I'd run out of money with the payments or just not live long enough to get all of the money. I guess if I needed to extra cash I could always sell my structured settlement. Glad to see there is another dreamer out there! I am always dreaming up new ways to spend the money I haven't won yet... One day though!


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