Thursday, 17 January 2013


Haha what is going on in this country, ever since i moved over people has been telling me how England has a mental breakdown if they get snow. sort of anyway. haha how they cant get to work and how they cant do anything but stay at home and cry. And so, the day has finally arrived, England got snow.. And omg. i actually didnt think it would be this bad..

As a Swedish person i am quite used to snow.. ONE time my school closed, because it was 1m snow on the roof and they had to get it down so the roof would cave in. fair enough. haha so ONE day in 12 years i got to stay home from school because of snow.. Let me show you what England is like today..

This is how much snow we have here.. basically nothing..

This is how much food are left in the shops after today.. Basically nothing..

I honestly dont even know what to say. People need to get a grip and calm down a little, the snow will be gone by tomorrow afternoon probably..

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  1. Hehe, ja här har vi ca 2-3dm snö men vi har inte tömt mataffären än.. Kanske får ta och göra det imorgon. Jag menar, man vill ju inte verka "udda" ;) Kram från Daniel & Frank


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