Thursday, 10 January 2013

Good day,

At work today, just had my lunch, which was boiled rice, broccoli and sweet/sour sauce. And it was delicious. It's a busy day today, trying to do a billion things at the same time. That's what happens if you're working for a growing company. :)
Anyway, I have a new personal best in Training/week. haha, 7 this week. Proud of myself to be honest. :) haha, i remember the fist time i was doing it and nothing worked and i had been practicing all night, read from a script and everything. now i sit here and draw little hearts on my paper while im talking. :)
Makes me feel good about myself, but i still don't know as much as i'd like to, so it feels like i have to ask more questions and things. Something i need to work on to be as good as i can be at my job.
Maybe that should me one of my new years resolutions. 

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