Friday, 11 January 2013

Call 999 there is an old man locked in his flat!

Ok, so this morning started like it always does, stayed in bed for too long, had a quick breakfast while i was putting my shoes and coat on. (at least i eat breakfast!) and then we were off to work.
Well we thought so anyway, until our neighbour shouted at us through his window, i couldnt hear a word he said, not even guess what he said, but Carl being english his english is a bit better. haha so he heard thet he was locked in. He had lost his keys and asked us to check his car.
They werent there :(
So we walked up to his flat and asked him if we could do anything, and then we rang the fire people, and we stayed with the 70year old man until they arrived.
They ended up climbing trhourg his window 4meters up and they started looking for the keys and found them in his flat.

Just made me think.
What if i get like that in about 50 years from now, he just didnt really remember where he put his keys and things, but he always seems pretty normal when we meet him and things. But he was pretty scared anyway, didnte really want us to leave him alone and things.

Getting old is pretty scary. :(

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  1. "Getting old is pretty scary."

    Ja - fråga din morfar bara


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