Tuesday, 14 July 2015

I got a present! :D

Oh hey!

Because I got into university, my boyfriend felt very proud of me and decided he was going to treat me to something. He always get me little treats and flowers but this time he wanted to give me something a litle extra. So today in the post I had a little brown box waiting for me.

When I opened it, there was two additions to my Chanel family! :)


  1. Your boyfriend seems like a great catch, haha ;) I have 'Elixir' and love it so much as my absolute favourite! I love how versatile and rich their colours are. 'Frenzy' I will have to check out.

    1. Haha he sure is! <3 Ooh I don't have that one. I'll have to have a little look next time I need one. :)


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