Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Let me tell you what the last year has been like.

About a year ago I went to speak to a woman in a school here about my future and my thoughts about going to uni in the near future. She basically slapped me down and told me I will never be anything and ske made me feel like an absolute pile of poo. I left her office wanting to cry.

I decided she can go **** herself and surely I can get into uni if I really want to?

I knew about what I wanted to do, and I knew I wanted to do it at one of the better universities in Sweden as it will both look and feel better when I'm done. I did my own research and found out what it would take to get in. The system to get in to university is very different in Sweden if you compare it to England for example. I studied my bum off for about a month and did ok on the test I had to take to get in. It was ok, but not good enough for what I wanted. (I got a 1.0 but needed a 1.2).

So I paid for this online training website where they teach you all the maths and you can take old tests and I spent about 8 hours a day doing this for a few months. Did the test again in April and got 1.25!

Applied for my university programme and got in straight away. Felt like a hero when I found out last week!

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