Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Our new flat! :)

I have been soo busy lately, as you probably know we have moved to a new flat. Everything is moved over to the new place but there is still a lot to do before it's all done. For example today I spent all afternoon cleaning our old flat.. Urgh.. Why did I say I could do it myself instead of hiring someone else to do it?

Let me tell you a little bit about our new flat..

It's a swedish 2 room flat, which means it's got:
1 bedroom
1 bathroom
1 livingroom
1 kitchen
1 hall
and our one also has a small walk-in closet.

Besides this we have 3 massive balconies as you can see below.
One of them has glass all around so you can sit out there pretty much all year round.

There is a sauna and a jacuzzi down by the water which we can use whenever we like, there is also room for a boat (not that we have one.. yet).

We are very excited to be in our new flat, and we spend most of our time on the balconies. haha. :)

This is the view if we look to the right (amazing, right?), if we look straight a head we see the city church and to the left we have houses and other blocks of flats. 

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