Thursday, 2 April 2015

First run of the year!

The people that has been reading my blog for a while know that I'm a really bad runner. I prefer swimming and I'm prtty good at it as well. This year I decided is the year of running. I haven't even got a swimming card now so I have to think of other things to do for exercise. So today I went for my first run this year.

Me & Carl have a route we normally do because it's 5km. As I haven't been running for a very long time I didn't think I'd be able to do that well (There is no chance I'm running 5km), I thought maybe 3 out of the 5 km would be ok as I can stop-start a little bit. So that's what I did. But looking at this, maybe my 5km goal isn't that far away..

(I paused Runkeeper while I was walking because I wanted to see how much of it I had actually ran, so the red is where I was running and the white is where I was walking.) 

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