Thursday, 23 April 2015

My day in pictures!

So I have this list, and when I run out of ideas about things to blog about I take a little look at it and pick one of the topics and blog about it. This is what I did last night, and I decided to go for this one.
All day today, since I woke up this morning I have had a camera with me, sometimes just a phone, but still. I have taken a photo of me or what I've been upto all day.

Started my morning with a little jog with my boyfriend.

Breakfast on the balcony!

Got ready for the day. 

Watched the latest episode of Made in Chelsea. 

Got a tan.

Made and ate pancakes. :)

Spent some time on Jacksons balcony. :) 

With Jackson of course. :) 

Edit: This was yesterday. 

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