Thursday, 23 April 2015

7 things I learned from being a child.

So here's a little post about 7 things i learned when i was younger, that has helped me in one way or anouther in my adult life.

1, You can make pancakes with water instead of milk. It tastes exactly the same! Promise!

2, If you want something relly bad, you will get it - if you work hard enough.

3, An all pink outfit is a really bad idea! (why didn't my firends tell me this before I went to school?)

4, Snus.. Just don't try it!

5, When you buy gerbils, ask twice or maybe even three times if they are the same gender.

6, Mcdonalds fries goes really well with a McFlurry or Vanilla milkshake.

7, If you're stealing sweets from your mums tupperware bowl, learning how to close the lid is very important if you want to get away with it.

There is more.. for example: If you're being chased by a moose/elk whilst being on a moped, don't beep the horn. It pisses them off.

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