Thursday, 20 March 2014

Always say no to strangers.

I just watched a really cute video of a young asian girl being taught to always say no to strangers if they ask her if she wants cookies and things like that. Really cute video (link below) but it also made me think about how often this actually happens. I'm not sure how many kids this happens to but i can assure you it's happened to me, my brothers and my sister a few times when we were kids..

I remember when i was a little girl (can't have been older than 6) and we lived in a small town in Sweden, people would absolutely call this a safe place for your kids to play outside.. and I was asked to go to the neighbours and get my brother because the dinner was ready. This was about 25m away. An old man starts shouting me from about 50m away and i stop because he told me to.. Then when he is closer he asks me if i want sweets.. just like that.. I said no, like i had always been told.. and he got angry with me.. and i ofcourse got a little scared but didnt really dare to just run off.. then he asked me if i wanted 5kr (about 50p) and I said yes.. He gave me my 5kr and i started crying because i was scared and i knew i wasnt allowed to take things from strangers. He then got really angry with me and asked my what i was crying for.. I then said "I want to go home!" and then ran back into my house.. I told my dad, the old man was long gone and my dad had to go get my brother, and i was never asked to do that again..

This is one of many stories i have like this..

My younger brother who now is 17 used to always be asked ifhe could show people the way to ifferent places when he was younger.. As in "I dont know how to get to the city centre, why dont you jump in and show me.." he thankfully always said no.. who would have known what would have happened if he didnt..

Anyway, i think i was quite bad like this when i was younger because first of all i said yes to the 5kr.. and i also accepter rides with strangers twice. One was a really old man (and i had seen his wife as well so wasnt very worried as i had just fainted outside.. peados was the last thing on my mind).. Thankfully he was just a really nice old man offering me a ride when i couldnt get home on my own..

The other time was when we had just moved to a new place and i got lost, went into the petrol station and borrowed a phone and a man offered to drive me home. Why did i say yes to that? Anyway, i did and he was also just a nice guy helping out.. but that was just luck, i could have been kidnapped and raped.. who knows..

I'm sure women do things like this to, not just men but it's always been men approaching me with sweets and other things. How can this be so normal? Like it happens to everyone? How many sick people are there really out there..

The worst thing (like this) thats ever happened to me was when i was about 12 and i was on the bus home with one of my friends. A guy walks on the bus, clearly not sober.. and he sits down one seat infront of us but on the other side so he can look at ut.. and he gets his dick out.. yeap.. ha actually did.. and start.. you know.. mhm.. Told my mum when i got home and she rang the police, you know what happens then? I had to look at 5 photots (all 20years old to make it more fair or something.. the police told me) and i must have picked the wrong one because i never heard anything after that.. so i'm guessing he's still out there looking at poor little girls on busses with his dingdong out..

Anyway, we clearly cant't do much about the sickos out there in the world, but wveryone with kids or young brothers/sisters should be really REALLY clear to make sure they always say NO to strangers, men or women. It might just be someone trying to be nice.. but it might not be! Always say no to strangers kids!

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