Wednesday, 19 March 2014

10 things you didnt know about me

I feel like i have been posting a lot of negative things here lately so it's time for a change. :) Here we go!

- When I was 10 i swam 1km, and the pool staff asked if i wanted to join the swimteam.
- I always wear socks (except for in the shower/bath).
- I absolutely hate talking about money.
- I constantly count calories and feel bad if i don't exercise daily.
- My favourite food is probably bread. All kinds of bread. 
- I like keeping it real (no fake nails, fake lashes, fake tan, fake hair).
- I love watching documentaries, especially about the sea and the world wars.
- I am 100% certain I will live in America or Australia at some point in my life.
- I own 12% of a really cool phone app.
- I think I'm a really good girlfriend. 

Some juicy facts in there, haha I will write a post about the app i own parts of soon. ;) 

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