Monday, 3 March 2014

Happy Monday!

Let me tell you about something that happened yesterday, this is something i never thought i would do - ever. I said no to free pizza! haha, i know right, can't beleive it myself really. I was in work, and i was offered a pizza as the family i work with were having some for dinner, and i turned it down. Mhm! It hurt really bad as well, haha. I'm quite proud of myself for me self dicipline though. :) Also, had a great dinner with my boyfriend in the evening, chicken, chips and bea. Yumm!

Anyway, i havent done much today, been a bit of a chill. Cleaned a little in the morning and then read some of my new book i got last week. It's Carolina Gynnings book Laura. I've read nearly half of it now, it's better than i thought it would be to be honest. I know I'll have read it all by tomorrow so going to the library again later (like the bookwork i am nowadays). Got 3 books on my list again this week, it's:

George R. R. Martin - A Game of Thrones (i think we all know what this is? it's the first book behind the awesome TV-show.)

Carlos Ruiz Zafron - The shadow of the wind (will get this in Swedish because the original is in spanish so it's translated anyway so no point getting it in snglish really..?)

Carolina Gynning - Vanessa, flickan i glaskupan (the 2nd part of the book I'm reading now. Also in Swedish because the author is Swedish so no translation here.)

I'll let you know what i think of them all when I'm done reading them all, shouldn't take too long! haha. Ah well, that's it for today, feels good to be back on the blog! Will try to update it more than ones every 4 months now as well, shouldnt be too hard with the job i have at the moment. Speak soon!

Ignore my boyfriends georgeous socks! haha

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