Tuesday, 4 March 2014

People in the gym and Nike air shoes.

Good morning, today i would like to speak to you about people in the gym. I thought you go to the gym for exercise. For example i go to the gym for all the machines because i dont really know how to train those muscles at home without equipment. But lately my friend has been snapshatting me videos and pictures of not herself, her friend in the gym. So first of all she's on her phone in the gym? And second of all, she's sending videos of her friend actually exercising in the gym, so she's basically just going to the gym to film her friend?

I think it's ok to have your phone with you in the gym, if it's for music or if you are expecting a really important phonecall, for example your sister is giving birth.. or your nan is in the hospital dying.. You get my point. I just don't understand. Why would you spend that much money on a gymcard when you clearly have no interest in doing any exercise. And if your friend is trying to get her workout done, why are you bothering her?

I don't really know why this bothers me so much but it reallt gets me.

Also, something that's been annoying me lately is Nike shoes, sure some of them look pretty good, but guess what people, these are running shoes. They are not meant to be worn all the time. And red and pink still doesnt go together, and neon colours are still not good shoe colours. And also, you can go to the gym without Nike shoes. Beleive it or not, normal running shoes will do you just fine - even if they are black! (oh no she didnt!)

I wouldnt mind having a pair of these Nike air max shoes, but i wouldnt get them in a hidious neon colour so i need sunnies to look at them, and i wouldnt walk around in them all the time. I wouldnt go shopping in my trainers? And why is this all of a sudden ok? If i ever get a pair, they would be a little more.. pretty, and they would only be worn to, in or from the gym. End of story.

I know people might not agree with this (clearly..) but you will look at photos of yourselfs in 15 years and wonder what you were thinking. This is one of the things your kids will laugh at in the future.

Ok, enough with the grumpy writing. how's your day so far? Mine is great, just got back from my swim, 2.3km. I did well. And also today is semeldagen (fat tuesday in sweden) so i will be digging into a creamy cake later on! yumm.

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