Sunday, 20 April 2014

Chat Countdown!

Hi! So i know i've promised to write a little something about our little app we've been working on. It's a chat app where you chat to strangers for 90seconds, if you would like to speak to them for longer you can press the + button end you'll get an extra minute. If you don't want to speak to them you wait 90sec and then talk to the next person.

You log in with your facebook so you can't really be anonymous in there, which we think is a good thing as you're forced to be more honest and nice to the person you're speaking to. Also if you're younger than 16 you will only be matched with people your age or the founders of the app (for example me!).

After 5 minutes you get the option to send the person your facebook/ instagram / twitter / youtube account so you can keep in touch that way as our goal is for you to chat to new people all the time.

Before you start a chat you can enter in a few words about yourself if you want which the other person will read before your chat starts. If you choose not to do this, the only info the other person will have is your first name, your age and what country you live in (and your facebook profile picture) so we would like to think this app is very safe to use.

Anyway, click here to download the app! --> Download Chat Countdown!

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