Friday, 8 May 2015

The standard Yves Rocher shop of the month.. here. This is what I got this time, I love the nail polish, they had it in that kind of blue as well, you know the blue that is everywhere now. baby blue? Is that what it's called? But I have so many blues I thought this one is better. 

Other than that I got a face cream, which is brilliant as I use them every day. I actually got the other one of these not long ago as well. The little pencil thing is to make nail patterns but I think I'll just use it to make my french manicure nicer. haha. 

The Bio-Oil is meant to be really good for stretch marks? I've never used it before but I'll give it a go. As i once was a chubby little girl I have some stretchies I need to get rid of. haha. 

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